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About Us

John Stenke is the Owner of Coral stone and also a US Army veteran. He is here to provide you with customer service you can count on and a service you can trust


Coral Stone is now the future of Architectural Cast Stone using our special formula of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC). We show architects, builders, and homeowners how to deliver their cast stone projects on time. We work within your budget while providing you with the beautiful custom look with Architectural Cast Stone and producing the durable GFRC.

Many architects are requesting specific Coral Stone on projects and some will accept no substitution. If you’re looking for a custom hand-crafted Natural Travertine, Coral Stone, or Limestone then you found the place to go. You will find the GFRC custom-made products at the price you want to pay.

When you have selected Coral Stone as your Architectural Stone supplier you will get our creative details and direct attention to your architectural projects.

One great advantage to using Coral Stone is that we can replicate your architect's exact detail in your design or we can use our CNC machine to create all the elements in your design. In most cases, Coral Stone will work with your architect or designer to create the exact prototype to scale for your project.

Another great advantage is the owner of Coral Stone was a builder before ever being in the architect cast stone business. We have the ability to value engineer your project and make recommendations to save you money so you have true elegance for your projects.

Coral Stone specializes in manufacturing custom architectural cast stone with a texture that shows more natural look of real stone. Each hand-made stone is colored or marbleized through out, not just on the surface. Each stone that is being textured is all done by hand before the casting process. This is a special technique that only Coral Stone has mastered with years of experience.

We can do what others can only dream about doing. Let Coral Stone take you back in time with
our Old World Stone designs and architecture. We have a large inventory of decorative stone carvings to select from scrolls, medallions, capitals, tiles, rope molding, decorative moldings with custom carvings.

Our Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) Architectural Cast Stone used for interior projects may include elements such as fireplaces, stone range hoods, columns, treads, raisers, arch openings, custom stone entry, corbels, wall veneer stone, and radius wall veneer stone.


Coral Stone light weight mix design is used for interior applications when the weight is normally a great concern. Coral Stone has developed and mastered the art of thin-wall cast stone GFRC systems that enables us to customize the stone to fit these special requirements when weight is a concern.


Another way of saving money is on the labor to install GFRC. When installers are working with a lightweight stone they can work faster and get the job done much quicker. The result is saving time and less stress on the installers.

Coral Stone Architectural Cast Stone gives you the focal point for any interior application. Coral Stone specializes in custom work and manufacturing lightweight products.


Coral Stone developed our very own formula we call Old World Stone Coat. This formula goes back hundreds of years. Coral Stone was taught some technique of old-world stucco systems by a gentleman many years ago from Italy. He had been a mason his entire life. Now as he has retired I continue his technique. But now we have enhanced them with special colors, additives, AG fibers, polymers, water repellants to make the very best product available. This product when done as our specifications can be applied to almost any surface to include drywall and cement board and with a finished product that will amaze you.

Each project has its very own creation to fit the design and decor involved in the application. Let Coral Stone design your project for you and you will get the elegance you deserve and service you can trust and count on to get the job done.

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