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Cast Stone

Exterior or Interior Architectural Cast Stone

Architects / Designers

Architectural Cast Stone possibilities are unlimited

Exterior and Interior

When working with Coral Stone all we need is your architectural drawings. We will assist you in creating the most elegant look in custom architectural cast stone.

Coral Stone is now the future of Custom Architectural Cast Stone. We show Architects, Builders, and Homeowners how to custom build our Cast Stone to fit their needs. We can accommodate our cast stone in all the most important areas such as:


Design - To match your profiles

Mix Design - Heavy Weigh / Light-Weight GFRC

Straight or Radius - Either Windows or Walls

Many Architects work with me in the pre-planning stage before the jobs go out for BID. We assist the Architects and Owners in getting a budget package together. We provide the samples, takeoff, shop drawings, and mock up’s as well as the installation of our products.


Many times the Architect approves my work and will copy what I have done and apply it to his CAD drawings.

Columns - We manufacture light-weight non-structural columns that can wrap around the structural post


Balusters - Our balusters system will meet your local building code. 


Pavers - We have the ability to create any size, thickness and pattern. Our pavers and tiles are for used for walkways, driveways, walls, stair treads and risers as needed.


Wall Veneer - Our wall veneer will meet the new load requirements for veneer stone of 15 lbs PSF or less.


Corner quoins - Our corner quoins can be created with mitered corners. We also offer a beveled edge design.


Keystones - Many customers like to have keystones in the design, With or without radius. We can create many different styles of the keystone that you like for your design.


Corbels, brackets and freeze board- Coral Stone has a collection of decorative corbels and brackets to select from. With our CNC machines, we can create any custom designs to match your drawings.

Key West Pictures

I was able to create a template of the compass rose to actual scale. The Contractor provided the fifteen-foot in diameter concrete pad. I had six different colors to work with in the center having glass beads in the mix design.

We included another color called crushed coral with another color of crushed oyster shells. The outside border was broadcasted with inland sea shells.  After allowing the material to cure for 30 days, the surface was polished to a clean smooth finish then sealed to what you see here. The contractor provided the concrete mixer, sealer, and polished the compass rose to perfection to complete the job.


We are a service you can trust and count on. Let Coral Stone be your #1 source for all your creativity needs in stone.

Let Coral Stone bring your ideas and dreams to reality.

I was contacted by the landscape architect company to assist with the remodel for the City Hall in Key West, Florida. They wanted to create a fifteen-foot in diameter compass rose at the front entrance of the newly remodeled City Hall entryway. This project included working with the landscape architect to develop a good plan to create what you see in the pictures.  I assisted in the development by creating the compass rose with our CNC machine.  I supervised the job, created my mixed design, and formulas of a GFRC system developed by John Stenke with Coral Stone for an in-place cast system.

2008-07-24 23.33.18.jpg

Cast Stone (Interior)

CS Interior
CS 19.jpg

Cast Stone (Exterior)

CS Exterior
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