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Natural Coral Stone

Custom Architectural Cut Stone, Pavers, Thin Wall Veneer of Natural Coral Stone

Natural Coral Stone is used mostly as a decorative non-structured element as part of the building.

Natural Coral Stone is used either Exterior or Interior

This natural stone is very common and used in the Caribbean islands as their Natural Coral Stone. When you visit the islands you will find buildings over 400 years old and still operating in the business that was built from hand-carved Natural Coral Stone. It has been used throughout the United States and the rest of the world for it has a natural beauty and awesome textures.

Natural Coral Stone is extracted from a limestone quarry in the Caribbean Islands. The manufacturing process is similar to the one practiced today here in the US for milling and cutting of Natural Limestone. Large blocks of stone are extracted from the quarry then set up in a cutting production line. The machine will then be set up for a sequence of cuts that will be milled to the desired size, shape, and design.



Are you planning on building a saltwater pool?

Protect your investment 

Please read and make sure you select Natural Coral Stone for your decking and pool coping material.


  • Natural Coral Stone will not be damaged by saltwater pools.  Select our Natural Coral Stone for the best decking and coping material. Saltwater pools are safer than typical chlorine pools and may be extremely cost effective.

  • ​ Natural Coral Stone decking and coping is the most recommended material for saltwater pools.

  • Our Natural Coral Stone decking, tiles, and coping can be sand set with a compacted bed. Natural Coral Stone over concrete can be mud set using polymer modified thin set for exterior applications.

  • Along with its beauty, a very strong reason for considering Natural Coral Stone for swimming pool decking material is that it will never feel hot on your feet in the summer. Due to the fossils and formation of the Natural Coral Stone will breathe and not absorb the heat like other stone material.

  • Another reason is that Natural Coral Stone does not have a slipery surface.   

  • Natural Coral Stone is your best choice for your investments.

  • Use Natural Coral Stone for all your pool deck, pool coping, sidewalks, driveways, columns, balusters, thin wall veneer stone for interior or exterior applications.

  • The true elegance of Natural Coral Stone you are sure to get the beauty and best quality material and stay within your budget.  Let Natural Coral Stone help you value engineer your project and show you way to save money. 

Natural Coral Stone (Interior)

NCS Interior

Natural Coral Stone (Exterior)

NCS Exterior